MeritDirect: Empowering Omnichannel, Data-driven Marketing

MeritDirect: Empowering Omnichannel, Data-driven Marketing

Rob Sanchez, CEO, MeritDirectRob Sanchez, CEO
Regardless of the industry, the inundation of data from multiple sources in businesses makes it an indispensable asset to craft best-in-class marketing strategies and facilitate effective decision making. However, gaining actionable insights into disparate data sets from numerous sources accentuates the need for clarity with regard to marketing technologies, products, and services to be used. Simplifying the approach to eliminate the discrepancy caused by data from discrete and disparate sources, using data-driven technologies is MeritDirect—a bellwether of multi-channel marketing solutions. Rob Sanchez, CEO, MeritDirect, describes the company as “a single touch point to drive all data-driven processes and focuses on building data-driven products that help our clients.”

MeritDirect’s solutions portfolio features several technology-enabled database platforms catering to different verticals and end goals of clients.

OmnichannelBASE®—a B2B contact database that includes standard firmographic data with powerful actionable intent and technology install attributes at the site level. This allowsfor higher performing segments to support purchase decision making along the buying journey. The data in OmnichannelBASE® is further refined by OmniEngine—a demand generation platform built for enterprise clients—to communicate with sales and marketing automation platforms to facilitate net new lead generation.

For the B2B multi-channel marketer, MeritBase provides a cooperative database environment to reach out to specific eCommerce and multi-channel markets with rich meta data for acquisition and retention efforts. Another data offering for this market is Pinnacle, a participatory, transaction based platform that optimizes profitability at customer sites.

That’s not all. An extensive marketing experience in the database environment is enabled by Dovetail, an application that integrates all data from various customer touch points to generate personalized and responsive marketing campaigns across channels.

We look forward to continuing to develop innovative data-driven solutions to serve our clients’ evolving marketing needs

In addition, clients can reach out to specific areas in B2B markets across the globe with targeted display advertising using the OmniDIGITAL, with erudite experts guiding the process. On top of these functionalities, the company also offers robust analytics services to help companies analyze and optimize their reach, channel strategy and customer profile.

MeritDirect extends unlimited integration options for clients by pulling out all the required datasets from a myriad of channels to facilitate lead generation. To determine the targeted audience, MeritDirect’s solutions enable customer profiling in a database platform robust with intelligent attributes to leverage impactful, meaningful profiles. “Data is the common denominator for all processes, which we obtain from multiple channels and analyze to provide the actionable insights,” says Sanchez.

Bountiful capabilities to deliver meaningful insights into the data have fetched MeritDirect customers across several domains. Among them was a technology organization offering solutions in the government, SME and enterprise space, with its customer information scattered across multiple databases. Data and intelligence being housed in multiple locations particularly challenged this client organization and denied them a holistic view of the demands of each customer. Further, the client had invested heavily in marketing automation but found it challenging to assimilate the data from multiple sources. Having recognized MeritDirect’s caliber, the client sought an engagement. MeritDirect consolidated disparate databases into a single unit that would enable the client to access and share the information. The alignment and visibility of this data with the appropriate business units increased the returns significantly when all parties had access to read results, react and optimize.

Moving forward, MeritDirect remains focused on providing tech-enabled products to power-up demand generation and account-based marketing, by helping clients manage and mine data. The company intends to not only expand its client base but also penetrate deeper into the ecosystems of existing clients. “Our focus is on catering to our clients’ omnichannel marketing requirements that allow us to become a better one-stop shop for data-driven marketing solutions,” concludes Sanchez.