Merkle: Data-Driven Marketing Performance

CIO VendorDavid Williams, Chairman & CEO With an intuitive and visionary mindset, David Williams, CEO of Merkle, has been helping clients to establish brands, going beyond the singular focus on profit. Having developed the unique concept of ‘Connected CRM (cCRM),’ Merkle today helps companies transform the way in which they engage with customers. cCRM allows companies to have sustained interactions with customers to identify, serve, and retain them based on their value. With this approach, businesses can overcome the inherent silos at the organizational level and deliver tailored experiences across all channels. The cCRM approach allows them to collaborate for a shared view, allowing a retail organization to best leverage customer insights and make accurate decisions in the areas of product allocation, promotions, pricing, assortment, and, inventory.

Brands need to create a consistent experience for consumers by keeping pace with the speed at which technology is evolving. In today’s omnichannel environment, marketers rely on an increasingly complex set of platforms and technologies to operate collaboratively and achieve business goals. Therefore, all channels and technologies must be aimed at driving customer experience by thoroughly understanding them. Integrated marketing technology solutions play a leading role in collecting intelligence around customers and executing holistic marketing programs. However, marketing systems integration is challenging as platforms are constantly evolving. This calls for effective planning for future enhancements. Addressing these challenges, Merkle’s solutions integrate with a variety of marketing cloud platforms, data management platforms, email service providers, and marketing automation tools. The company has developed standard integrations and platforms to support data ingestion, storage, and distribution to improve clients’ operational efficiency.

Omni-channel Expertise

As a company with deep roots in the marketing technology, Merkle specializes in bringing together disparate data elements to produce actionable and measurable results. Having provided data list management and traditional marketing databases earlier, Merkle is now focusing on industry-specific performance marketing databases that include technology-enabled analytics and overarching omnichannel and customer-centric solutions.

Merkle gives customers recommendations that outline key systems, interfaces, and data processes that are required to realize their future vision and capabilities

The rapid and almost frantic move to digital marketing is the main reason that marketers can't be complacent about their marketing database. The data and events that would otherwise result in actionable marketing information have been slow to arrive, relatively stable in variety and even predictable in nature. While implementing marketing solutions is never an easy task, the challenge now is to integrate granular data across channels, media, and customers in a manner that results in achieving accurate and easily consumable insights. As firms are constantly striving to learn more about their customers to enable highly personalized marketing, the impediments to channel integration continue to be a hindrance. For more than 20 years, Fortune 1000 companies and leading nonprofit organizations have partnered with Merkle to maximize the value of their customer portfolios.

Combining a complete range of marketing, technical, analytical and creative disciplines, Merkle works with clients to design, execute and evaluate integrated customer marketing programs. Merkle assists brands in making people-based marketing transformation by using a combination of first- and third-party data, then creating, targeting, and measuring the highly customized customer experiences. The programs not only drive immediate results in the form of consumer response and conversion but also boost loyalty and customer value.

Merkle implements omnichannel marketing with an industry-focused methodology through the solutions they provide: from customer strategy consulting, to audience and experience planning, to experience design and creation, to performance media, and site execution. At the heart of these solutions is Merkle’s deep expertise in data analytics and supporting technologies that enable them.

Accurate Data—The Growth Driver

Merkle’s systems integration services are focused on understanding clients’ requirements and simplifying integration between systems in the marketing technology (MarTech) and the advertisement technology (AdTech) ecosystems.
Merkle gives customers recommendations that outline key systems, interfaces, and data processes that are required to realize their future vision and capabilities. Capturing the details related to data management and data integration between systems, clients can define the data flow mechanism between systems, platforms, and databases.

From leveraging APIs to configuring applications to utilizing external data, the organizational workflow and processes need to be streamlined so that all systems and teams are operating optimally. Merkle brings proven experience in planning, designing, and implementing integrations to create a cohesive marketing technology stack.

In an instance, one of their clients—an international electronics, entertainment, and gaming company—wanted to create a multi-phase set of programs to expand and transform their current digital marketing capabilities and create differentiated and personalized experiences across channels. The client struggled with a range of challenges. Siloed data among business units, unwillingness to share data, limited technology platforms to identify customers and create 360-degree customer profiles, and the inability to personalize marketing efforts across channels. Merkle led in-depth discovery interviews with key technology decision makers within the organization and identified the existing challenges, gaps, and capabilities that were needed to achieve maximum ROI. Merkle then conducted a current-state assessment of business processes and marketing technologies. They developed the technology and the operating model recommendations to address the gaps identified in the current state assessment and the future state use cases. Finally, Merkle designed a roadmap that aligned with the client’s vision of personalized, multi-channel marketing harmony. Merkle continues to play a key role in this program’s implementation and management.

"With the cCRM approach, businesses can overcome the inherent silos at the organizational level and deliver tailored experiences across all channels"

Merkle has recently partnered with Pegasystems, a leading provider of customer engagement software, to launch a Unified Data Management Platform (DMP). Unified DMP unifies AdTech and MarTech to enable more effective and relevant digital ad campaigns and omnichannel experiences. Combining powerful DMP technology with advanced artificial intelligence, marketing organizations can optimize ad spend, reduce attrition, improve acquisition rates, and increase revenue. Marketers can rely on DMP to define, implement, and measure the efficiency of their marketing strategy and gather marketing spend. Being at the leading edge of technology evolution, Merkle aims to deliver unified solutions focused on “customer centricity” and enhance their solutions accordingly.
- Eileen Singh
    December 15, 2017