Contentsphere: Product Experience Evolved

Armin Dressler, CEO, ContentsphereArmin Dressler, CEO
The growth of digital channels and the subsequent rise of omnichannel commerce have influenced a huge transformation in consumer behavior and expectations, wherein, customers who were earlier motivated and retained through simple loyalty programs now have an abundance of appealing options, enough to cause them switch between sellers. This shift has created the need for brands to deepen the relationship between product content and conversion and to build strategies for using content for a better understanding of their customer needs. In its mission to enable businesses to achieve the highest possible performance in product communication and customer experience, Contentsphere—a member of the CS group companies—has reserved its spot in the market for being a one-stop-shop for brands to manage their marketing processes, which include data and promotion management and the development of omnichannel strategies and campaigns.

Contentsphere’s CEO, Armin Dressler explains that the reasons encouraging merchants to go omnichannel have continuously increased, due to the abundance of information—with hundreds or thousands of attributes— which enables a more personalized contextualized and emotional communication with the customers. At the same time, there is considerable complexity involved in omnichannel product communication, given the wealth of information drawn. In addition to administration and efforts required for merchandising and scheduling, managing stacks of application, data cleansing, and coping with consumers from every channel are some of what makes up the complications. In the current scenario, where not many solution providers are able to handle the complexity, “Contentsphere, through its offering, seamlessly helps complete the entire process with minimal manual efforts and still ensure supreme data quality,” adds Dressler. The company believes in the strategy of creating rich content and then delivering it through tailor-made contextual communication.

Contentsphere’s product-centric solution enables strategic data management for its clients, by creating a central integrated platform that merges all the previous error-prone data and publication processes.

Contentsphere, through its offering, seamlessly helps complete the entire process with minimal manual efforts and still ensure supreme data quality

Their procedure to deliver the right product content involves setting up a platform which contains product information that is centralized and is accessible by internal and external users. Then, a multichannel management system is added, which helps manage and produce the product data automatically across all the required channels, be it digital or print channels. The third step is where a marketing resource management system is introduced to facilitate the planning and execution of product campaigns and promotions while saving time on creating and managing the content. Through this three-step procedure, Contentsphere allows companies to deliver an optimized customer experience and reach their marketing goals.

Dressler also mentions how the retail sector has been moving faster compared to the other industries and how it continues to evolve with the need for better product communication through digital channels. For instance, one of Contentsphere’s retail clients, a grocery store, wanted to create tailor-made promotions that can be customized based on seasonality—like Halloween or Mothers’ Day. Contentsphere enabled the client to market its products with detailed personalization through promotions for every season and also various points in time of a month—beginning and the end. The eye for details which resulted in allowing the grocery client to serve its customers precisely and enable their retention, speaks for Contentsphere’s expertise in the landscape.

With 100,000 users from various industries, in 89 countries using its solutions and tools, Contentsphere is focused on investing in machine learning and AI, so as to enable better promotions through context-driven automated suggestions that leverage predictive analytics. While continuing to evolve in its strategies by using different technologies, Contentsphere also promotes the trend for retailers to go online. With today’s customer journeys springing across several channels from leaflets to websites or e-commerce platforms, Contentsphere is the right partner to ensure that the experience is empowered with consistent product information at every touch point.